Honeywell Bionic Coated Faceshield


The simplest and most comfortable face shield designed to handle any challenge. Revolutionary and designed for rugged jobs, it’s tough where it has to be, yet extremely lightweight and balanced for all day comfort.


Extended top of head & chin protection & adjustable headband.

>          Dielectric design will not conduct electricity.

Hard hat adaptor sold separately. Compatible with MSA V
Guard Elite & Protector Tuff Master hard hats.

Shade 3 & Shade 5 visors available for welding.

Easy lens replacement.  Lenses are interchangeable between clear, electric arc and shaded welding visors, making the Bionic an extremely versatile face shield.


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Honeywell Bionic Coated Faceshield

Honeywell Bionic Coated Faceshield

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