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Pixavi Gravity X Instrinsically Safe Camera


Do you need a user friendly point and shoot HD camera when you work in hazardous areas? This intrinsically safe digital camera is designed to help you take high quality images where no other cameras are allowed. The Gravity X intrinsically safe camera is ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2, as well as CSA Class 1, Zone 1 (for US and Canada). The Gravity X also has 8 Mpix HD image sensors, a powerful LED light as well as sunlight readable display, Glove compatible touch and HD video recording capabilities.

Package includes: Camera, Protective Cover, Screen Protection, Wrist or Neck Strap


Oil and Gas


Three HD cameras
Powerful LED light
Glove Compatible
Light & user friendly


Use in low light / darkness
Easy media transfer to PC
Dedicated camera button
View media instantly

8 Mpix Full HD image sensors
4,3″ sunlight readable display
Waterproof, IP68
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
User Friendly & High Quality

Full HD 1080p video and 8 Mpix image capture, high end optics and super fast zoom and auto focus makes the Gravity X a very powerful product. The product enables high quality still image, audio and video capture in hazardous areas and immediately upload and store them to a network or computer. The camera also has a high capacity battery, fast auto focus lens and high resolution image sensors. The camera has an extremely light sensitive image sensor as well as a powerful LED light, enabling it to take great images in dark and confined spaces. The Gravity X intrinsically safe camera replaces the Xcorder EX4000 camera.

Immune to the Elements

The Gravity X is ruggedized to an extent that makes it able to take almost any challenge the environment might throw at it. It is impact proof, drop proof, dust proof, corrosion proof and water proof and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Special glass Sealing method to enable IP68 Gorilla glass (2mm thick) as well as a sunlight readable IPS Display.

Machined for Aluminium

The Gravity X chassis is machined from one piece of high quality Norwegian aluminium in order to provide the ruggedness and high quality feel the product deserves. It is designed in cooperation with offshore workers and descends from a long tradition of Ex certified products designed by BARTEC PIXAVI in Norway.

Android Operating System 

Android is the leading mobile operating system today. Android enables a high performance media framework and easy to use, intuitive interfaces. The operating system is quick, familiar, and customizable. Android is easily updated, secure and future-proof. There is a growing community of app developers, which allows for customizations and new functionality. The Gravity X is a stripped down version of the Impact X, where we have removed the 3G wireless and SIM card capabilities to enable a lower price. We could easily have called it a mini-tablet, since it has all the same functionality as a Android tablet. The Gravity X does not have a SIM-card slot, and it can therefore be used where cellphones are not allowed. We offer Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with upgrade path to Android M (6.0 Marshmallow) and Android N (7.0 Nougat).

Software & Security Updates Included

A mobile device is not better than the software it runs. BARTEC PIXAVI mobile device will get free software updates for many years to come. We release security patches shortly after release from Google, making our device the safest on the market. Software updates is important for security, but it also offers new functionality, better battery capacity and user friendliness. Get the latest software by using the “Software Update” app on your BARTEC PIXAVI device.

Manufactured inNorway
WaterproofIP68 Waterproof


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Pixavi Gravity X Instrinsically Safe Camera

Pixavi Gravity X Instrinsically Safe Camera

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Pixavi Gravity X Instrinsically Safe Camera

Pixavi Gravity X Instrinsically Safe Camera

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