The Life of A Modern Day Tradie

The Life of A Modern Day Tradie

Streamline your business with 4 of the best tradie management softwares that will save you time, effort and money. 

No matter what industry you’re in, I am sure if there’s one thing we could all agree on it would be that we’d all be out of the job without our trusty set of tools.

Whether you’re a sparkie who lives by their multimeter, a mechanic who’s collected and stashed every tool they’ve ever found or a plumber who’s raving on about their new leak detection equipment.

Without these essential tools, let’s just say most wouldn’t get very far. The same can be said for trade management software. 

Not only will it save you heaps of time, automated email responses can do all the chasing up for you. Yes, this means you no longer have to make anymore awkward phone calls chasing up clients for money on a job you already completed.

If you’re serious about taking your trade or business to the next level, here’s some of the top tradie management softwares you will need.

Manage your payments easier

Paypal — get paid on the spot

By now, I am sure you’ve heard of PayPal — Amazon & eBay shopping sprees, in-game purchases — there’s a reason why it’s the world’s most popular online payment system. It makes dealing with payments faster, safer and smarter. It allows you to get paid by clients within seconds.

Why is PayPal an essential tradie software?

  • Get paid today, not next week: Your clients are able to pay their invoices using a bank card or PayPal account in a matter of seconds using their smartphone, PC, tablet or internet browser. 

  • Tap-and-go payments with your mobile: Thanks to PayPal Here, you can now transform your mobile device into a portable eftpos machine. Simply attach a small lightweight encrypted card reader to your mobile and process payments anywhere, anytime.

  • No hidden fees: With fixed rates you can rest assured you won’t be getting hit with any nasty surprises. Get locked in fixed rates with PayPal based on how much you sell and where your clients are located. This is especially handy for those who deal with a lot of residential clients, allowing you to improve payments received and improve cash flow.

Streamline your books

Xero — Accounting and Payroll rolled into 1

Is it zero? Chero? Xxero? Heck, whatever it’s called, it does a bloody great job at keeping your accounting and payroll simple. The app is now used by more than 2 billion subscribers worldwide, and has become the best solution for all businesses from every industry, including hard yakka tradies who can’t remember their home security pin code.

Why is Xero an essential tradie software?

  • 2 birds with 1 stone: Keep things simple with your accounting and payroll combined into one.

  • Fully automated: Get real time bank feeds of where your money is coming and going.

  • Bonus content: Get access to over 800 apps in the Xero Marketplace to help streamline your business.

Put an end to chasing invoices, just automate it

Debtor Daddy — actively track overdue invoices and automate reminders

Did someone say…...automated debt collection?! Yep. You heard right. Debtor Daddy 

knows too well that every small business or sole trader relies on consistent cash flow. The team also realised the last thing you want to do on your day off, weekends or during family time is chasing up clients on overdue invoices.

Well, now you don’t have to. Debtor Daddy has automated the entire receivables process for you. Now you can actively track overdue invoices and issue automated email reminders to clients and effectively increase your cash flow.

Why is Debtor Daddy an essential tradie software?

  • Automation: It’s time to forget about awkward ‘debt collection’ phone calls to clients asking them for your money.

  • Keep track of invoices: Shuffling through a stack of unpaid invoices is a thing of the past. Now you can easily keep track of what’s due and overdue and implement automated reminders to send to clients so they can pay via email. 

  • Keep face: Less naggy phone calls = better relationships. No one likes being harrassed on the phone.

  • Increase cash flow: Pleasant and automated reminders means you get paid more consistently.

  • Customisable reminders: Customise a personalised reminder for all your difficult clients to politely get your money.

  • What have you got to lose? Would you rather dig through a stack of unpaid invoices and make phone calls all day or use a system that allows you to automate, set and forget?

Get organised

Tradify — organising has never been easier

To be completely honest, as a tradie we aren’t really known for being overly organised individuals, we’re mostly busy chasing our next job. But with Tradify, you can defy all odds and prove to the world that you are in fact, a sophisticated and organised lad. Just about every tradesman in the world has jumped on the Tradify bandwagon and rightfully so. 

From managing workflows and quoting, to tracking time and materials as well as invoicing. The purpose-built platform makes organising your trades business an absolute breeze, saving you heaps of time to live it up on the weekends.

Why is Tradify an essential tradie software?

  • Easily manage workflow: With powerful tracking features you can now monitor your jobs from start to finish, initial quote to final invoice.

  • Efficient use of time: Thanks to smarter scheduling, you can now line up jobs b2b, ensuring teams arrive and finish on time, every time.

  • Faster quotes: With custom templates and imported price lists, now you can save plenty of time on writing up quotes and double checking prices. 

  • Invoicing made easy: With timesheets, receipts and invoices all in 1 place, Tradify helps you get paid on time.

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