Andatech Precision+ Breathalyser


  • Highly accurate 3 decimal place reading
  • Law enforcement grade
  • Dual mode testing - Specific mode and Fast (passive) mode
  • Ideal for workplace safety, schools, alcohol treatment, and medical professionals
  • Australian Standards AS3547 Certified

Designed for Precision. Fitted with the most high tech detector sensor and the option to use a mouthpiece or just breath into the unit for a result, this versatile device has be named as the best workplace breathalyser and is Australian Standards AS3547 Certified.

The AlcoSense Precision+ is a highly focused device driven for personal and workplace alcohol testing. It contains an electrochemical fuel cell to test the alcohol concentration from exhaled CO2. If the test was positive, a corresponding voltage is produced from the fuel cell, in proportion to the alcohol content of the sample provided. This voltage is then transferred to the micro-controller to calculate and give a %BAC result. 

The AlcoSense Precision+ is extremely versatile as it utilises two modes, one being direct and the other passive. In passive mode, no mouthpiece is needed for operation, the user simply breathes or blows into the mouthpiece slot to get a preliminary result of “positive” or “negative” for alcohol. For the direct mode, a mouthpiece is attached and a highly precise 3 decimal readings.

It is the perfect device for law enforcement, OH&S, schools, alcohol treatment, emergency rooms and medical professions. Now with a large 2.4″ TFT colour screen and clear onscreen instructions and navigations, the new AlcoSense Precision+ offers advanced features in a simple-to-use breathalyser ideal for accurate workplace alcohol testing.

The Precision+ can also be configured to provide readings in BAC or BrAC. Just let us know before you purchase the unit or when you send your unit back for calibration. See the specifications for more information. 





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Andatech Precision+ Breathalyser

Andatech Precision+ Breathalyser

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Andatech Precision+ Breathalyser

Andatech Precision+ Breathalyser

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